Using Stem Cells to Relieve Pain

You are in constant pain.  You have tried every potential over the counter relief option.  You have explored prescription aids. You have tried rest, hot, cold, steroids, Physical Therapy, bracing, and padding to add stability and support and nothing is working.

You are in tears at the thought of living in pain for the rest of your life and how that pain will diminish the quality of your life.

There is one more option you may not have considered, a lifeline to pain relief, Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative Medicine is a cellular-level therapy that aims to enhance the function of damaged or diseased tissue or organs.   Introducing healthy, rich cells to replace damaged cells is being used to treat medical conditions across a range of medical specialties, including orthopedics, rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, and immunology.

Some Common Joint Pain Conditions

  • Arthritis
  • Meniscus Tears
  • ACL, MCL, PCL or LCL sprain or tear
  • Knee Instability
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome/Chondomalacia
  • Pes anersine bursitis
  • Baker’s cyst
  • Patellar tendonitis
  • Biceps Femoris Insertional Tendinopathy
  • Hamstrings Tendinopathy

Stem cells are produced by the human body to replace damaged cells. As we age, we generate fewer and fewer stem cells, making us susceptible to injury or other conditions where healing is problematic. Regenerative Medicine harnesses the natural capabilities of stem cells and the body’s own ability to heal, providing an opportunity to avoid invasive procedures.

According to the Mayo Clinic, “No other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types like stem cells.”  For patients with injuries or chronic diseases, regenerative medicine is a source of hope. BioGenix advances this mission with a top quality, state of the art, cord blood derived product, utilizing the cord blood and Wharton’s Jelly (tissue) for a maximum MSC product.

Stem cell therapy is a viable alternative to invasive surgery for pain relief. Amazingly, stem cells are cells that take on the properties of whatever cells surround them. For instance, if a patient has osteoarthritis caused by worn down cartilage, supplying the affected joint with stem cells can help the cartilage regrow.

These non-surgical stem-cell treatments are effective for people suffering from joint pain due to common injuries to the knee meniscus, ACL or MCL, cartilage, or who are experiencing degenerative conditions, such as osteoarthritis. Traditionally these patients would have invasive surgery to repair or replace the injured, worn out joint whereas a simple injection can bring relief from pain and the benefits of healing. This long-lasting relief from chronic tendinitis, ligament and joint pain is performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure proper placement of the stem cells.

While everyone heals differently, your pain relief from stem cell therapy usually occurs very quickly and continues to improve over time. Many patients have been able to prevent or delay the need for surgery with this treatment.

Not sure you are a candidate?  That is an easy fix. Patients suffering with knee, hip, shoulder, joint pain, etc. may be considered as candidates for cord blood stem cell therapy. If you have already tried conventional treatments, including steroids, narcotic pain & anti – inflammatory medications, etc.., cutting – edge regenerative medicine / Stem Cell therapy is a safe and effective option. Call to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to determine if cord blood stem cell therapy is right for you.