Colts Neck Stem Cells is New Jerseys premiere regenerative medical office. We are the gold standard in stem cell therapy and exosome therapy. We offer stem cell therapy for joints, neuropathy, wound healing and to assist the body’s natural healing process with over 121 autoimmune diseases. Treatments for anti-aging, aesthetics and even sexual dysfunctions can all be accomplished with stem cell therapy and / or exosome therapy. Real scientific treatments from a laboratory that provides stem cells and exosomes which is FDA certified and licensed.

The stem cells and exosomes we offer is the same product from the same company the Federal Government uses in 157 Veterans Administration hospitals, the Department of Defense and the active military. Colts Neck Stem Cells and the Federal Government both use the same source of stem cells and exosomes, from the same company, chosen for its impeccable safety record and for the most vibrant / potent form of stem cells & exosomes available today.

Colts Neck Stem Cells routinely provides free information seminars so you can learn about all the tremendous advantages stem cells and exosomes have to offer. We then provide a free medical consultation with one of the world’s top regenerative medicine, stem cell & exosome experts. Colts Neck Stem Cells medical director is Dr. Joanna DeLeo, DO, general surgeon and regenerative medicine expert from Harrisburg, PA. She will discuss every detail from your medical records, your medical history, your previous treatments and customize a specific stem cell therapy and / or exosome therapy regiment based on your specific needs. Colts Neck Stem Cells is a research-based company with medical advice based on the independent research available for your exact condition. Multiple research papers form hospitals and universities, Dr. DeLeo’s sophisticated expertise, additional PhD’s and pharmacist opinions all work together in providing you with the most advanced, most sophisticated stem cell therapy and exosome therapy treatments available.

Colts Neck Stem Cells cutting edge technology is second to none. We offer the most advanced regenerative medicine products available to assist you in anticipation of a recovery where traditional medications like opiates, narcotics, anti-inflammatory, steroids, cortisone shots have failed. We are seeking to get to the cause of your discomfort, the cause of your degenerations, the cause of your joint pain, the cause of your neuropathy, etc. and provide assisted, corrective regiments. We do not just mask your symptoms and treat your symptoms. We treat the underlining cause of your pain and regenerate the source of your discomfort. Your degeneration may continue to get worst, much, much, worst. Colts Neck Stem Cells is a real scientific medical option which may dramatically reduce your pain, increase your mobility and allow you to regain your health.